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Beginners’ One: for absolute beginners

Learn the fundamentals of yoga

Experience the indisputable benefits of practising yoga for your health, mental clarity, stress management and a general sense of wellbeing.

Understand the terminology, decode the jargon and cut through the metaphysical complexity to uncover the fundamental truths at the heart of yoga practice.

No matter what your level of fitness or flexibility yoga is a fun way to challenge yourself and improve your health.


  • Over the 4 weeks of the Beginners One course you will also learn a common sequence of movements and poses used in yoga classes across the globe: the Sun Salutation.
  • Our expert teachers have different teaching styles and each one covers the course content from their own unique perspectives, giving you an opportunity to understand and experience a variety of different approaches to yoga.
  • There is a lot to take in, and starting something new can be daunting, but I have no doubt that once you start you will feel fantastic and see the benefits of this practice enhance your body and mind, as well as many other aspects of your life.

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Sun Salutations
Sun Salutations
- raise your heart rate and body temperature
- engages almost every major joint in your body
- strengthening and stretching your whole body in a safe, accessible and adaptable way.

  • Learn how to harness the immense power of your breath In Beginners One you will:
  • - Discover how the breath tangibly affects the body, mind and spirit
  • - Explore what your body is capable of in a safe and supported environment
  • - Learn the fundamental shapes, forms and poses your body can create
  • - Understand how to move from one pose to the next safely and securely
  • - Develop a conscious awareness of body and mind in the moment
  • Advanced technic
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  • Food
  • Transport
  • mat and clothing

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Sydney NSW, Australia


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