Did you know the world cup is only 141 days away as of 3rd July 2022?

From 3rd July, there are only 141 days left. Did you know there are 48 training sites and 8 stadiums which will be used during the 2022 World Cup? There are actually 32 nations compete against each other for the prize.

1.7 million people could visit Qatar during the Tournament with approximately 500,000 visitors in the country on the busiest days.

So, if you are fan to the FIFA football you should start planning for few things:

Flights to Qatar FIFA world cup 2022

There are many carriers available no matter from where in the world you are. Find the cheap flight that fit your budget. Think about your safety too, not every airline is at the same standards in terms of customer services satisfaction, safety records such how they maintain their aircrafts, paying staff and cleanliness.

There are many things to consider and You can be assured that is you search online every carrier out there has put in place some hot deals as packages for the world Cup. This is because it is a big event that only happens once every 4 years. But when this event happens, it mobilised many people from every corner of the world.

So Please leverage this one time in a while chance. For example, Qatar has some deals that will make you comfortable while you are in this exciting FIFA world cup season.

Accommodation at Qatar FIFA world cup 2022

When you do to some research on popular travel websites such as Expedia, Booking.com hotels combined you will be amazed of the current hot deals available. You can plan ahead and get all hotel stuff part sorted. You do not want to be stressed out at last minute trying to find a hotel you will stay in.

Remember expected 1.7 million people are going there, so it will be very crowded and good deals that offer best rated hotels will be all sold out. Planning ahead is very important if you want to enjoy this 2022 FIFA world cup.

Visit travel sites like ONA TRAVELLERS, Expedia, Skyscanner or Booking.com and see what they are offering. Remember what they say, ‘An early bird catches a worm’.

Games tickets for Qatar FIFA world cup 2022

FIFA information should guide you through how to go about buying a game ticket, where, when and teams playing. So, don’t be confused. We are trying to point you in the right directions. Some nice seats with good view get sold out quick, this is why it is important to be sure to get all important stuff sorted out the earliest possible.

What other tourism things to do in Qatar?

Now you are thinking of being there, then what? Well, you are travelling and while at it why not see other excitement things that Qatar has to offer. Some of things to visit and see we suggest to you are:

  1. Souq Waqif
  2. Museum of Islamic Art
  3. National Museum of Qatar
  4. Katara Cultural Village
  5. The Pearl-Qatar
  6. The corniche
  7. Al Khor Park
  8. Villaggio
  9. Al Khor Mall
  10. Purple Island – Al Khor Island
  11. Aspire Park
  12. Qatar National Library

Safety tips: Qatar FIFA world cup 2022

For travellers, it is always advisable to keep all your important belongings close to yourself. Use authorised acceptable mode of transport. If you are in group of friends, it is always good idea to stay together or let others know where you are planning to go on your own.

ONA TRAVELLERS wish you the best experience at this coming FIFA world cup. Be sure to have fun. Oh and tell us what you think too!